Friday, April 29, 2011

Just simple date to have lunch with them.

I'm really lack of money $$$$$$$$
Yesterday after school went to Honey bakery to have lunch with Min and Boon Heng.
I spent money agian @.@ Haiz...
Min ordered a piece of cake. She said she didn't eat cake on her birthday, so she wanted eat on that day.

Da lang....
I wanna eat too!!! But I was on diet.. No way, I couldn't take it!!!!!

I in school uniform look.
Min and I took pic with the lil cake..haha~~

Wishing wishing wishing....
Her wish was... heee.. blek, didn't want to tell you... Blekxx!!!!

This was my lunch.
So full after having this plate of fried rice :D

38 lao!!!!
This is Boon Heng. 

This fellow didn't eat the vegetable d.. so waste...
Do you saw the vegetable on the table???

Just simple date to have lunch with them. 


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