Thursday, April 28, 2011

Min's birthday

Yesterday was Min's birthday. Baobei, Happy Birthday. My friend and I went to Giant and celebrated with her.

Before outing, took a pica first :D

I gave Min a surprise.Hehehe. Firstly I lied her that I not yet reach there, actually I reach there early jor.
Then I called Koon Pheng came early to meet me and we together went to look for Min's gift. Finally bought jor.
Okay, was surprise time now. We went to meet Min. Min really shocked when she saw Koon Pheng. Hahaha~~ Then chit-chat a while, Koon Pheng then back.

After that my friends and I went to Sushi King ate. As we entered the Sushi King, I saw my Chemistry Sir @.@
My God!!!!! He came with another my school teacher , Pn. Cheah. Then my friends and I was so curious why they would come here together?? Weren't they dating?? Both of them already married. Impossible one. But maybe have some secrets hidden behind between them.. Who knew???  Lol... I knew we so kepo!!! Hahahaha~~~

Here was some pic took in Sushi King :D

sushi sushi suhi!!!!
Yummy~~ I just could eat sushi when I was with friends. This was because my family didn't like to eat d. 

Didn't look at xien and me.
Looked at the table. Siok lo each only RM2 for the Bonanza promotion. Hiak hiak hiak~~~


This is my baobei. Look at her chubby face, so cute!
This pic captured by me. Teeheee___xD

Actually there had more pic but those pic were in my friend phone__ >.<
Nevermind la, if later i bluetooth from her then I upload to FB. Hehehe..

Okay, stomach full jor. We went to cinema there meet my friend's bf. She and her bf wanna watch movie but Min, Xien and I didn't watch. While waiting my friend and her bf buying the ticket, Xien and I took some pic. Hehe~~ Took a look here.

Captured by me.
Nice or not?? I like!!!!

Xien took pic with Justin Bieber jor, nevermind I took with this cute car.
Hahahaha... Saw the signboard in the pic?? I wanna go to London. Someone wanna bring me???

After that, we went to kiakia lo. Min wanna buy cloth for a wedding dinner. So we accompany her to look for her cloth.
We entered one of the shop that sold boys' cloth. Cuz Min wanna buy guy's cloth for herself to match with her boy cut. Hahahaha~~ Then I met one of my network's friend worked there. Hehe~~ He was so cute. Like him :) We spent around 1 hour in that shop. Kinda long. =.=
In that shop ,there was a big mirror. Of cause we wont miss out this chance to take pic. There was 2 leng zai working in that shop. BUT we didn't care, we took our pic. Blek!!!!

After Min bought her cloth jor, my turn to buy. I went to T&J and I buy a bag. Yeah!!! I loved it!!! But it cost RM50. Haiz.. Money ar money.. I just realise I spent too much in this month. Didn't care , as long as I happy. Wakakaka...

Didn't know why girls love to take pic. We could non-stop taking pic. Hahahaha~~~

I love this pic which captured by Xien. But just a bit blur lo.. If this pic clear enough then this pic is perfect :D

Ignored the blur please.

My baobei and I.
Opss.. saw my rabbit teeth?? Lolxxx...

I see I see... When I was camwhore my pattern is like this one.
Hahahaha~~~ Captured by Xien. 

Lastly this pic for my baobei.
Muackzzzz.. I love you and happy birthday.
I wish you everything come smooth in your life and your dream come true.

Some of our jimui didn't celebrate with us.
But nevermind la. They busy wad. But I know they still remember you d, Min. Hehehe~~


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