Sunday, April 10, 2011

My weekend__ 09.04.2011(Part 1)

On that day morning, I went to school for the drama practice. I quite enjoyed it. I just realized my classmates love to act, I think my class have the potential to become an actor or actress.
After the practising, Min, Xien and I went to eat. The cafe we wanted to go not yet open cause still early.
So we choose to go to KFC. We walked to the KFC. On the way, I nearly meet an accident. I was so careless on the road. I didn't see the car want to reverse, the car nearly want bang tiok me le. Luckily my Xien call me. If not, no eyes to see. Maybe I will in hospital now. Hahaha~~~

In the KFC, we just buy some snack and drinks there. We chat there. The feel kinda nice, love it. We also saw a pair of couple sweet sweet there. My God! How dare they are! They.. er... Hee.. No need I said you know la. Teehee___xD   

The time almost 12.00pm, we headed to the cafe.
I never been there before. I just know the workers there are leng zai. Then I also wanted to go to kap see my friends told me the truth or not. Err... Kinda okay only. Not very leng zai. =.= Boom!!!!!
I don't like the service there. Damn slow ! The food okay only. 

Our drinks.

 This is curry yu-dan.

I dont like this.
The sauce too salty.

My tam-jiak look.

Then 1.00pm I gotta go. My dad came to fetch me already.
I was so excited !!!! Cause later I dated with my sis. Yahoo~~~!!!!
Stay tuned for the next post I dated with my sis.
Take care.

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