Monday, April 11, 2011

My weekend__ 09.04.2011(Part 2)

Well yesterday I had promised you guys that I will update the post about I date with my lovely sista.
Ready??? Lolxxxx... Okay, let's start.Hmmm....

We went there around 2.40pm. Once we reached there, we headed to the cinema first. Hmm.. We were viewing the show time, we didn't know wanted to watch which movie. At last , we decided this one.


Dont say we childish , cartoon is suitable for every age d. Teehee__xD
I like this movie, I love the candy factory. It is awesome!!!!
See the picture above?? There are so many candy!!!! I love it especially mashmalllow!!
This factory quite weird, cause the workers are the bunny and chicken.
I wonder that bunny and chicken how to communicate?

This is EB. The main character.
It is so cuteee!! I wanna hug it in my arm.
It love to play drum. Cool man! Have you ever saw a bunny play drum? No right?
But EB can, it can play it very well too. After you watch the movie then you know.

This one i forget its name already.
I knew it is the asistant of the candy factory.
The boss of the candy factory is EB 's dad.
I dislike this chicken!
It betray its boss!

After movie, we went to buy clothes.
My sis spent RM159 to buy the clothes. She was testing the clothes non-stop. My GOD!
I could not like her, I'm not rich like her. And also, I still have thing wanna buy. So I could not spend too much money on clothes.
While my sis was in the fitting room, I waited her outside. Then the sales girl chat with me.
Then the sale girl girl ask me which school you studying now? I said Chio Min.
She said she also. But we never meet in school before. Hahaha~~ She is my senior. I like she, kinda nice and pretty.

Next, we went to MCD.
We didn't order much cause we dislike spent much money on eating. We prefer spent money to buy clothes. Hahaha~~

I damn love Mc Flurry!

I also met my friend there, Ka Khei.
I spent my time more chat with my sis in McD.

After that, I saw the time still early, 7.oopm something only. Then my sis and I decided to watch one more movie. 

The Ghost must be Crazy

This movie must 18 years old above. I'm just 16 years old. I'm under age.
Aiya, don't bother la. They won't check IC d.
Hormedy movie. Hahaha, but kinda scary. I know in the cinema, I was the most noisy. 
I don't know what I scream for. Hahaha... Sot d me.

It was 9.oopm something after movie. Tired, wanna back home le. 
Before back we went to 朱师傅 eat.

2 person share these. We not kiam siap ha , we just dislike spent money on food.

My sis.
She was not in mood. In war with MIE again. Hahaha~~

Done eating, back home. 

Long time I didn't so enjoy jor. I didn't touch any books at all on that day.
I love this kind of life, always hang out. Hee...xD

After this, I don't know when I still can hang out like this with my sis.
She going to study in campus. Haiz... Sad la!!!!!

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