Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sorry. The pic edited by me not really nice cause I'm in rush.
This pic I took in car when I was coming back home after school.

Just back from tuition, suddenly I miss my blog, so I come to update it.
Just now tuition, my Sir said my toes nails were nice. So attractive green in colour.
Then some of my friends look at my toes. What laaa.. Sir always like to "teasing" me. 

Recently not enough sleep and my brain is gonna BOOMM!!!!! I have to memorize many things. 
Chemistry, History, Biology... bla bla bla.... I need a 4GB of memory card to save these things into my brain.
Does anyone knows where can get this type of memory card that can insert to human's brain? I know that is no such thing in this world. Or maybe have in this world but I'm sure in Malaysia does not have.

Here, I wanna thanks Xien for teaching me the Chemistry equation in library today.
I can't catch up so fast, but at least I can catch up a little bit. Xien, thanks. Love you. 

Later I have Add maths tuition, gonna prepare for it. Offline.
See you. 

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