Monday, May 30, 2011


In this pic am I looking tire?
No point, I love to capture, no matter how I look I also will take at least 1 pic for my post.

Hmmm... What shall I have to share today??? I have no idea at all >.< Nevermind, I'll talk what the thing that come across my mind now. Opppsss... my mind is blank!!!!!! What's wrong with me?? Maybe I was too tire. Yes, I think so. 

Okay, let's start my post. Tomorrow I will follow my school society go to Penang. Penang is my love!!!! I use to say that because Penang is where I grow up. There have many my childhood vivid memories :) Teehee xDD   Although I usually go to Penang, but mostly I go there with my family. I'm not dislike go out with them, just if go out with them I can't do what I want, like the love to control me to buy the thing that I want. This is my second time go there with my friends. I love to hang out with my friends. I love to gain many many memories with my friends. Well, I not yet pack my thing for tomorrow >.<  I'm so lazy, anyone willing to help me?? Hahaha, just kidding. I will pack it later. :)

Tomorrow whole day not at home. Yappy yappy, I'm free from my parents! If tomorrow the trip have hubby accompany me more good. But this is impossible :( I miss my hubby, I wanna date with him. I want him to hold my hands. I want to see him. I want to hear his laughing sound. When I can date with him again??? :(

I feel so sorry to my hubby. I'm not a good wifey. I don't spend much time with him but I spend my time for doing my things. Hubby always tolerate me, he let me to do my things, he always wait for me. Thanks hubby. Muackzz. Hubby still in sick condition, I wish hubby faster recover :)  Hubby, remember cannot drink cold drinks har.. Don't let me worry , okay? :)

Enough for today, is time for me facebooking now. Recently I abandon my facebook >.< I miss my FACEBOOK!!!!!



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