Monday, May 16, 2011

Break for exam

This pic a bit blur cause I take with webcam.Long time I didn't use the webcam. Teehee..Luckily the cam still functioning. Hahahaha....This is my look when I am surfing the net. I just look dull. >.<

Give me 1 minute. I wanna shout as loud as I can here,


Okay, I'm ready to blog now. May is my exam month. So as I have told you all, I won't update my blog for a few weeks. My exam still not yet finish, but I really can't stand for it jor without update my blog for a few weeks. I take the opportunity to blog during exam break. What means exam break? It means this whole week I don't have exam, then next week only. So the exam stop for 1 week. Understand? Heee....

During the exam week, I really suffer in it because my sis was not around me. I needed her everytime during exam. Don't know why, I feel that she like my GUARDIAN. When she is here, everything will go smooth and solved. But from the day onwards she went to campus, I lose myself without her. Haiz.. I have to be independent now. But luckily, I have another one people who always give me advice. He is David, my kor. He make me change a lot in my negative thinking. He teaches me to think in positive. He told me that must believe in GOD that always be with us. Kor, thanks a lot. 

I still remember the day before I sit for the English paper, I cried in the phone. I was so stress. Since my sis went to campus, I didn't know I want to express my feeling to who. So I always keep in my heart. Lastly I can't stand for it, I cry. Cry is the best way for me to release my stress. Besides, I also need my kor advices.

So far exam still carry on fine. I don't expect I can get high marks. But I hope I can get at least B+ enough. "Don't make the target too high, it will make yourself stress only." I always tell myself this. I just left my Physics and Add maths paper not yet finish. Next week I will sit for these papers, I hope I can do well. Gambahteh!!!!!!!  I will updated again after the mid-year exam truly finish.

Recently the weather was worse,  so readers, take care ya, don't get yourself sick. Drink more water ya ^.<
I will back soon. Muackxxxx!!!!!


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