Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Impact, my love. ♥

I love it so muchhh.
Currently this is my favorite.

Since someone let me taste this sweet, I like it.Then I go to buy one for myself. RM6 each @.@ NOt expensive wad. Teeheee___ xD
Actually I want to buy peach favor one, but there doesn't have, so I choose to buy black currant favor.
Black currant also taste nice. Love it love it!!!! I use to eat this to release my stress. Know why? Because... there is a memory about this sweet, once I eat this my mood turn good.

Exam is coming on this Saturday. I'm not yet prepare fully, but I already start my revision. Popipopi, the things I have studied please come out in exam. Please haaa...

I know recently I don't like to talk to people. Cause I just wanna focus on my study. I know Xien unhappy with me jor, cause even in class I also less talk with her. Sorry laa. I worry about my exam maa. I don't want to spend time in chit-chat. That earn nothing. Xien, let us work hard together in our exam,k? Gambahteh!!! And also my other friends who are sitting for exam, I wish you all good luck in exam. Jiayou jiayou :)   

I think the following weeks I will stop to update my blog. I'm gonna sit for the exam. Don't forget to miss me and I'm sure will miss you all too my readers. Take care. :) 

I try to put the smile on my face although I'm in hardship now. 

Pls:Dont forget to click the advertisment above the nuffang for me ya, thx^^


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