Monday, May 2, 2011

Labor Day

Yesterday I went to Penang to take my 奖学金. Syok, got money jor. Heee...
But yesterday started from morning till evening my mood damn worse.
My mum non-stop annoying me. Firstly she comment on my dressing. She said I wore too short jor. TMD. Got problem meh? That was a 长版衣, because the shirt length too long then cover jor my short pants ma. Bla bla bla~~~~!!!! I hated her always controlling my dressing. This could not, that could not. WTH la!!!!!! That was why I didn't like to hang out with family. At last I chose to wear a singlet and a long jeans. 

I knew I was fat!!!!!

With sis, weewee, leng lui 

Da lang~~~ 我的奖学金
NOt many la, only RM 70

After taking my奖学金, I went to Perangin Mall to meet my cousin. Kia kia~~ I didn't buy anything. Really no mood. After shopping, went to have our lunch. After lunch back home. Why so early back home?? Because later I had tuiton. Sienz.. Labor Day I also had to tuition. 4hours of PHYSICS tuition. I was very tired, but I seem my mood was recover when I went to tuition. I love my Physics Sir. A handsome guy, a rich guy, a humor guy, a clever guy. Wahahaha, my dream guy. Lolxxx...

After tuition I back home on Facebook. You knew what happen??? Something I could not believe. MY EX CURRENTLY GIRLFRIEND said hi to me in chat box. =.= '' Shock shock shock!!!!!!!!!!!  But I was fine laa, I didn't feel anything also. My ex is nothing for me anymore. But said truly, I dislike to chat with my ex GF. I was a sensitive person. I would feel that she was irritated me. Sorry to say that. But I really felt uncomfortable to chat with her.  

After the conversation, I went to have my dinner and take my bath. Really tired!!!! Lying on bed felt bored and text with someone else. That was my day.

Lastly wish all the Malaysian Happy Labor Day.

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