Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mid-year exam is over

Finally I come. Welcome home!!!! Heee... Bloggie is my another home. 
My mid-year exam took around one month to finish. Damn long >.< Unlike last time when I was form3, one week only exam is finished. One week I already can't stand for it, just imaging 1 month!!!! I feel like I'm in the hell. I'm torturing in the hell!!!!

Three of my classmates' birthdays were on the same day during the examination week. So my class monitor decided to hold a small party for them. 

Sorry, the photo not so clear >.
Happy Birthday ya my friends :)
The cake I don't know how many kg @.@
Very big.. I just eat one piece of it. I saw some of my classmates after eating finish take another piece again and again. I don't like this kind of people. Tam jiak!!!!!

Then, the last examination week, min made something for me. Min likes to do handicraft. She made a ladybird for me.

TQ MIN!!!!!
I let my mummy see this ladybird, I said min do for me d. Then mummy ask me what I want to do to give back for Min.@.@ Mummy, you know your daughter wad. I don't know do such thing. I just know study and online.Other thing I really don't know >.<
Min said this ladybird is our 定情礼物:) I promise I will keep this little ladybird well. :)

In May, I spent most of my time for my exam. I already put a lot of effort for this time exam, I hope my results won't let me down. Please... don't let my add maths fail again. I don't want to fail it!!! My dad is teaching me ADD MATHS, that's why I have to score for my add maths >.<

Don't think about the results of the stupid exam first! I'm on holiday now! Wahahahahahaha!!! Finally I can rest. Rest?? Ermmm.. I keep back just now what I said. Holiday I also busy with other things. Holiday I have tuition :( Holiday I have to do my homework :( Holiday I have to cover up my weak subjects :( Holiday I have to clean up my messy room :(  and so on... See, where I find out the extra time to rest??? Pity me >.<

I dislike always busy. I need to rest. But no one knows how tired am I. My body is not tired, but my brain really tired after for using it all day long. Sometimes I really so proud of myself can stand for it. Weee... I'm a sturdy person. Yeah!!!!!! But sometimes I also can't stand for it, I will cry alone in the night. Especially during this mid-year exam, I don't know how many time I cried for it :( At last, that had over. My smile appear again on my chubby face.

Oh ya, my weight is gained. Sad :( Know why?? Because of the stupid exam!!!!!! I sat there all day long for doing my revision. After eat I, I went to have a nap a while. Then continue to do my revision. Then eat, sleep ,do revision. This kind of life I keep on till my exam end. 1 month I keep on doing these, if my weight no gain is impossible want. I plan to go for exercise during this holiday, but I don't have the time >.< When I'm free, my friends are not free. Our time can't match how to go to play badminton??? Maybe I will give up this plan. Haiz... Or maybe no, see how first :)

written in 29 May 2011

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