Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our first dating ♥ 28.5.2011

Yesterday I went for dating with hubby. Our first date. Our first meet in McD. I'm so "geng jiong" ar!!!! We spent our time in McD first then later we went to watch movie, Pirates of the Caribbean : On The Stranger Tides. 

Kinda nice. Watch with hubby of cause nice wad.. Teehee xDDD But that day hubby was sick :( I was worry about him :( I saw my pengerusi in the cinema. =.='' Didn't care la, I care my hubby enough. I love my hubby. He put his jacket on my laps because the cinema air con kinda cold. He held my hand all the time. I love the way he laugh too, so cuteee.♥ I always told him that he is so cute. But he say he's not. Blekk.. I say cute is cute.. xDDD

I love this mermaid. She looks so innocent and pretty.
Hey all the boys, do you all like her? Mostly the boys like this kind of girl, is it?? hahaha~~~

After the movie, we went to eat something. Hubby looked like not well. When I asked him were him okay or not he said he was okay. But he seem like really not feeling well. When ordered the drinks, I didn't see he order what drinks, if I saw it, I sure I will stop him to order cold drinks. Cough still drink cold drinks. Hubby, do you know the cough will get more serious if you keep on drink it?!!  Haiyo >.< 

Next, we watched another movie, Kung fu Panda 3D.

Actually I was not prefer to watch Kung-fu Panda. But at last we also choose to watch it. This movie kinda funny. I could heard the many laughing sound in the cinema.But I couldn't hear the person's laughing sound who sat beside me, HUBBY!!!I always peep at hubby, he look a bit down. I didn't know what was wrong with him.His hands were cold. I hold his hands tightly, I didn't want he get cold. But when the movie came to the climax, I could hear hubby laugh. Then my worry could decrease a liltle bit jor. Heee...

I love this little panda so much, Ah Po. So cutee.. I want to pinch it and hug it!!!!!I found that there were many cute characters in Kung fu Panda. Love it.But of cause I love my hubby more :) Hubby is the second cute in my heart, because the first one cutest is mine. xDDD

After watching movie, time was almost 6.30pm. Then Min want me to go to look a cap for her. Then we saw  my school PRINCIPAL. Walao... shock tiok=.= Luckily he didn't recognize both of us, swt... Then when paying money, hubby saw his school teacher. Waaa... why we met so many people d???  

At 7pm, we back home. But we could not walk out together, I scare my daddy saw him. So I call him walked first then I followed him at the back. The time flew so fast. I wanna spend more time with hubby>.< I also don't know when I can hang out again. Sad :( I miss you hubby.

Our first capture :)


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