Saturday, June 18, 2011


I want to eat mashmallow!!!!!! I damn love it. Min promise she want to buy for me if she got went out. Thanks Min :) Recently I'm in moody. You all know why rite? I got said in my previous post. Haiz.. just forget about it, don't bother them. These only I can do. 

Alright, school reopen already 1 week, I already get my mid-year exam marks. Erm.. my result was worse. I get A, B, C and F(fail). Hahaha.. Luckily I didn't get D for donkey. Hee.. I won't upset for my exam cause I know I have try my best to answer the question well. And also one thing I really "BEH TAHAN". I don't know why nowadays people's demand so high. Hey.. your result is better than me, don't said your result is worse in front of me. We must 知足,kay?  My result worse than you I also didn't say anything. Please la... don't say your result is worse, if yours is worse then how about me? I have to go to jump into the sea?? Lolxx....

Tomorrow Father's Day. Non of my business!!!!! Sorry, I don't know since when I despise my dad. Morning till now I didn't see my dad, even just now he came back home a while then went out to go for tuition I also didn't see him. I always hide myself in room. I wish that I always not at home so I no need to see them. One day i'm not even talk more than 10 words with them. I start to hate my home. In this home, I can't find any happiness anymore.

Gonna prepare for my tuition. Now I'm curi-curi online want, cause nobody at home. Later mum will back, so now I gonna off. 

p/s: I miss you all my reader!!!!! Sorry I will less updated my blog :(           
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