Thursday, June 2, 2011

All about yesterday

My holiday timetable is full. I can't find the time out to do my homework :( And recently I was so tired, not enough rest. Yesterday went to Jusco. I'm so regret to follow my parents go. Once I walk means that I'm torturing my legs. My pity legs :( Tomorrow is an another busy day for me too. After tomorrow, I think I have more time to rest. Jiayou! 

Awww.. how fast the time flies, now already June. Half year already gone. New month with new life. I'm not single anymore, the day onwards my hubby will accompany me to go through. I never be alone. I mean no matter I in what situation I never be alone. Before in a relationship, I have my kor accompany me. But now the one accompany me is hubby. I neglect my kor, sorry :( But I still will care about your life. I will go to see your facebook latest update :)

Yesterday hubby didn't reply my message. Did you know I will worry? You said you won't no reply me message. You said if you are busy you will inform me. You said your phone always beside you. Then? The thing happened last night. Or maybe I'm too sensitive. But I wish this will not happen again. Just forget about last night. First time I angry hubby yesterday. I will mark down this date.

Yesterday received Yvonne's message. She said she can't go to the BBQ gathering. >.< Haiz.. But I hope she can go. Personally, I'm not prefer to have gathering at outside. I love to have gathering in home. If at outside have to pay money by myself. I'm poor. Recently I spent too much >.<  So friends, how? Wanna BBQ or having gathering at outside? Or want both? Please make a decision, kay? Qiang is asking me wanna go his house BBQ or not, his mother is asking him. I promise to let him know tonight. >.< Headache!!!!

Before ending this post, I wanna share a blog with you guys. Take a look here Waltz, with Love 2011   . I love this story so much. The story is chapter by chapter, once you read the first chapter you will feel like want to know more about the story. Please take a look and support it. The photo in the story took in Penang. Kinda nice :) If you don't see it, you will regret. Hahaha~~~

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