Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our first month

I'm in love with hubby already 30 days. It means 1 month :) The time flies so fast. Yappy, yappy :) We are different compare to other couples. We can't meet each other everyday. Although B every weekend will come back here but we don't go for a date. If can I'm sure want date with hubby :) I miss him so muchhh!!! >.< But I'm lack of freedom, my parents will not allow me to go out without a 'concrete' reason. Moreover, weekend is the time I most busy. I have many tuition and I have to spend my time to do the mountain of homework. So we have no time to meet and no chance to meet V_V But my cute B does not grumble at all ^^ He understand my situation. We can't meet each other everyday but we still can remain our relationship always in happiness condition. :)

Just now B called me. I was so tires and I wanted to have a nap. So we just chatted a while. He told me that my sis will coming back on this Friday. Huh? How come he will know but I don't know such thing? He said that my sis told him at FB =.='' He chat with my sis in FB? I really shock!!!! OMG!!!! Sis come back sure will ask me what had happen to me. Hubby told my sis that I was not happy at home.

I madded at him meanwhile, he explained to me that he would tell my sis because he worry about me. He said he don't want his Baby unhappy. Eishhh... I speechless =.='' But I love to hear that, so sweet :) Teehee xDD I love you so muchhh hubby, muahhhh ^^ 


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