Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have changed my blog background to plain, white color. I feel like this is better than last time. It does not look colourful anymore, but I prefer it :) It can calm my mind when I view my blog. Do you guys have the same sense like me too?

Today is Kedah public holiday. So school is off. I wanna go out. But I'm lazy. Later maybe I will go out with family. Urghhh!!! Bored :( Suddenly I miss my cousin, Jyane. Jyane, I wanna stay with you in KL, i miss my holiday in KL >.< Orhh.. Jyane jyane.. thanks for your caring. I'm alright now. You're right, this is generation gap problem. Nothing can do with this, just hope the time flies faster then I can free from them :) Wahahahahaha!!! 

Hubby, sorry. I'm busy always. Sometimes I really neglect you. Sometimes I will think that : Are we together at the wrong timing? I admit that I always think a lot. Sorry. You're not by my side, I can't feel you. That's why I always think a lot. :(


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