Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday, hanging out :)

Yeah!!!! Today is public holiday. Hoorayy!!!! I thought that I can sleep late a bit. Who knows my Physics Sir say got tuition!!! Woke up at 7.30am, so early... Sleepy mood laa... 8.30am tuition started. My mind blank!!! What sir taught couldn't enter my brain. F**K!!! Hate!!! But I tried to catch up what sir is teaching. 10.30am, class dismissed. As I reached home, I used the fastest speed to rush into my room and changed cloth. Going out to Penang :) Must wear leng leng ma.. Heee... I think I took about 10 minutes to dress up myself. Very fast le.. >.< Hanging out without make up, nature face :) Teeheee__ xD

As we reached Penang, the first place we went was clinic :) Skin clinic. Wanna buy our face cream. Hmm... we waited around 2 hours there only our turn to buy the cream. Can you imaging??? We just wanna buy cream have to wait till 2 hours. There was really crowded with many people. Freaking long!!!! But what to do, the doctor is good. Many people who have skin problem need to see this doctor. Even other country people also came here to see the doctor. Now you know how good the doctor is??? I salute him very much :) But my ambition is not to be a doctor. Heeee... xD

After finishing buying the cream, we went to 新世界 food court took our lunch. Yummyyyy... love the food very much. Stomach full jor, what's up next?? Hmmm... shopping!!!!! 1st Avenue :) Yeah~~ Window shopping only :) Follow parents go to shopping nothing can buy. If you buy, they will scold you wasting money. Then they will give you lecture. Bla bla bla... if you don't want your ears get torture, better don't buy. This are my parents :)

Then around 5pm we were back. Sob.. I wanna watch movie laaa!!! But I knew my parents "pattern" , they sure said "no" ! Haiz.. back home.. On the way home I was so emo!!!!!! Not becuz the movie. Is becuz... I just knew my mind non stop thinking something nonsense!! WTF!! I needed go to bang wall again. Hahahaha xD



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