Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm not in mood k?!!!

Last night I slept at around 2am just because I had to finish up my Bio note. WTH!!!! I hate Bio. First time I studied bio, I found that interesting wad.. But after entering more chapters, I found that it is not interesting at all!! It's so hard!!! I don't like it>.<

So today I bring my sleepy mood go to school. I knew that today Bio lesson teacher wanna check our homework and I not yet finish the question that she had given. I try to do it during other subject lesson. But many of the questions I don't know how to do. I borrow my friend's book and plan to copy her answer. But at last I didn't do so. I'm a person who do not like to copy answer. I wanna try to do the questions by myself but the time was not allow me to do so. So I decided don't want to do and I hope that later Bio teacher d\won't check our homework. 

The bell rang.... k, Bio lesson now. Teacher checked homework >.< I the second one teacher checked mine cause I sit at the front table.

Teacher: Why you didn't do your homework?
Me : I no time to do.
Teacher: No time to do? Then what you do?
Me: I do note lur.

Oppsss.. Teacher angry me. She called me to stand up. She said the way talk with her was rude. Cheh.. So what?? I stand up lur. Bla bla bla... I knew that was my fault but I still show her my "tak puas" face let her see. She then said me, don't show your face! I can punish you whenever I want. Walao... teacher "ugut" me lur.. I so scare.. Lol.. K lur.. Be good student, I didn't show my face lur..

First time I do this at teacher. What's wrong with me? Before that I never be so rude with teacher. All is caused by my mood. My mood not good! I felt I'm going to die. Do you know how tire am I? DO you know how stress am I? Do you know I lack of time to use? Everyday have a lots of  homework, I really don't know which one should I start to do. So sometimes I really can't finish up my homework. No my fault k? Is you all teachers!!! Like to give us many homework until we can't finish the homework. Then if we didn't finish the homework,teacher want punish us.  Walao... gila punya!!!! Why the teachers never think about our stress?


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