Saturday, July 30, 2011


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I just back from Jusco. But I'm not feeling any tired. Hmmm.. mood wanna blog :) Weee 
I'm texting with friends while blogging. How busy am I??? 1 heart 2 use :) Cool girl.

Well just wanna simply come to update my blog only. Heee... 
I bought a PDI bag in Jusco just now. I love the bag so muchhhh!!!!! It is large enough for me to carry my stuff while shopping :) Now go to shopping they no provide plastic bag anymore, we have to bring our own recycling bag. I don't want to bring 2 bags. So I use to buy a big bag so while I go to shopping I can carry it and put the stuff that I buy into it. The actual price of the bag is RM139, but got sale ma... less 70%!!! OMG!!!!! If I didn't buy it I rugi lo!!! RM139 less 70%, I bought it with RM41.00++ , okay wad. I can effort it.

Really wanna kisiao le me, here sale there sale.. Many sale!!!! I wanna buy!!!! But money.. i can't spend finish my money. If not later emergency I no money use. Haiz.. I bear!!!! 

Before back, we went to McD. My sis and I were hungry! We needed food!!! Hmmmm... GCB!!!! My dinner, wahahahaha~~~ My sis prefer Mc chicken :) 

End this post with a photo, 3 of us :)

Nitez readers :)


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