Monday, July 18, 2011

Rest In Peace

Sad + ing
It left.
Don't leave please.
I beg you.. please don't leave.
Can you come back?

My house's dog died yesterday.
It died because of it sick badly.
It sick mostly 1 week.
My dad didn't call the veterinarian come to see it.
I got told my dad before but dad didn't listen to me.
K, now it had died.
Whose fault???

I was so angry to my parents sometimes!
If you want to adopt the dog, please take care of it.
Dog also have life , k?
When I saw the dog died in the kennel, I cried.
It was so pity.
It looked skinny.

Then my mum called people to remove its carcass.
I saw the man remove the carcass out from the kennel.
I cried more sadly!
I ran into my house and called Min.
After telling her all the story, I felt better.
I cried badly in the phone :( 

I miss my dog, girl girl.
It quite active, it always "chasing" after me when I go out from house.
It chase me,I run.
Although it is my house's dog, I still afraid of it.
I afraid of animal. >.<

I called my sis, she already knew girl girl had died.
She cried like a hell in phone.
Haiz.. Speechless. I was sad too. :(

But how to say it still my dog.
I knew I didn't take care of it.
Sorry, I afraid to near to it.
I will try to change myself not to afraid of animal.

Girl girl, R.I.P .
I always miss you  :(

Memory of girl girl...

when she was small.. cute right??
this photo took in year 2008.

it look so small....

this photo took in last year.. hmm..
I knew can't see clearly its face.. but what to do.. i afraid of it, i not dare near to it to take photo.

I only have these 3 photo. I know the photo really too less.
Haizzz... What to do, it had left... No chance to take its photo anymore.. :(


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