Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dream big baby

These few days really worry about you.
Text you, you late at night only reply, that time I already slept.
Message you in Facebook inbox you also didn't reply.
Any happen???

Last night  you appeared in my dream.
I dream that you and I were study in the same school and you are my senior.
We are very close friend, ermm....we almost like a pair of couple.
Then one day, you started to treat me cold.
You treated me cold for 2 days already. I cannot bear you treat me like this.
I'm so upset. Then the third day, I went to your class to find you.

Suddenly a girl came beside you and proposed to you.
You just ignored her. She keep on asking you but you acted cold to her.
Finally the girl ask you is it because of me. Then, she stared at me.
You didn't bother her and held my hand went out from your class.

I was blanked in the moment.
I love your hand temperature :)

This only a dream, it won't happen in our real life.


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