Saturday, August 20, 2011

Having time with MIN

Da lang.. Two cutie in the photo above. Today went to school for activity. Then I skipped my activity just because wanna have time with MIN. Long time we didn't chat like today. Venue we chose KFC. We spent around 1 hour there.

I love to chat with her. We can chat any topic, I feel so comfortable with her. Then that time raining heavily. We were shivering, damn cold! We hold each other hand, gave each other warm :) She said I'm so warm when hugging me. Huh? Because I'm fatty ma. Hahaha~~~

Actually I planned to go to the optical shop to ask for the price of the contact lens. But Min said the price is around RM200. Huh >.< Then I gave up. It was expensive for me, I could not afford it. I wanna earn money first only I can buy. 

Then we kept on chit-chat. Bla bla bla... Time flew so fast. Around 1pm already, we gonna back. Si Min, tomorrow , Monday and Tuesday she didn't go to school ar. Syok le lo go to Kelantan play. During recess time can't see you le lo. But nevermind , I'm not selfish geh, I sure let you go to play. Hehehe xDDD

End this post with this photo. 
I like this photo so muchhh



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