Sunday, August 7, 2011

I really hate them!!!!

I really hate them!!! 

I hate 4ST1 !!!!
All are selfish fellow!!!!

You all are good in study so what?? Useless also!!!
Do you all know the meaning of responsible???
Everyday we have to take turn to clean our class.
Mostly YOU ALL also didn't do your duty. 
My duty is on Sunday. I'm sure I will do my duty.
Cause the Sejarah teacher very cerewet, if she saw the floor is dirty, the people who is on duty will get scold.
Sure I don't want to get scold so I do my duty.
But I don't know why the people who duty on Sunday don't even help to sweep the floor.
They know they are on duty, but they just act like got people sweep already, no need to sweep la.
That's their pattern! 

Sejarah lesson. Teacher complains the floor is dirty. Then they still don't want go to sweep the floor.
I don't want get scold, so I go to sweep. 
I'm so regret go to sweep the floor!
They don't even help me!!!!!
They just see you get scold by teacher!!!!!
Sunday got 4 people on duty, why don't you all go to sweep? Why should I sweep??
Okay, I sweep nevermind. But get scold de person is me!
Why?? SO UNFAIR!!!!

Lastly, the kebersihan AJK , monitor , prefects get caned by teacher.
Padan muka!!!!! Wahahahaha!!!
But I still tak puas hati!!!!
The people who is on duty didn't get caned!!!!! 

Although at home I don't sweep the floor, not mean that I don't know how to sweep the floor.
Don't know can learn wad. I'm also a大小姐at home. But at school i'm not. 
So I will be a responsible student. But what I earn?? I earn nothing!!!!!
Don't care! I still will play my role well as a student.
Those fellows no need to bother them.
Non of my business.
Study in this class really torture me!!!!!

Drew + Captured + edited by me :)


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