Monday, August 22, 2011

My holiday schedule

Hulalalala~~~ Next week is raya holiday. My raya one week holiday schedule is full!!!!! Hatyai and KL, wait for me, i will come soon!!!! Enjoy my holiday. I really can't wait for my holiday. Time oh time, can you fly faster??? I wanna enjoy my holiday. 

This coming Saturday early morning I will go to Hatyai, back on the next day, Sunday. Then, Monday I go to KL. Stay there 5 days. Yahoooo~~~ I'm so excited now. 

I have to start to pack my thing jor. If not I can't make it. Hmmmm...  This week I'm quite busy.. Before holiday, I will try to finish all my homework. Then only I can enjoy my holiday. I wish my holiday don't have any book surrounded me.

Gonna go to do my homework already. Night guys. Take care :)


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