Saturday, August 13, 2011

Party 20.08.2011

Yesterday was Ying's birthday :)
She held a party, we sure go d.
Firstly I went to Min's house, then we go meet Ni, Xien and Keong , we together walked to Ying's house.

I was on the flyover.
Seriously, this is my first time to use the flyover cross the road.

Min and I on the flyover camwhore xD 

Last night really played till crazy.
Let see the pic ba.
These pic capture after we finish eating...

huh?what we doing??
see the next pic you will know what we doing xD

See the moon or not??
But I look fat in this pic.. Arhgggg!!!!~~
and my oily face >.<

3 model at the back

Social issue...
bullying .. haha~~

Ni and I

Heng and I

The b'day po is opening her present.
Hahaha~~ we faster ran back home before she open our present.
Cuz we wanna gave her the surprise.

Lastly, end with this pic :)


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