Monday, August 1, 2011

Say bye to July :)

Another new month again, August. Welcome August :) 

Personally, I don't like June and July. Knew why?? These 2 months are my sadness month for last year. That's why I don't like! I knew that the fail reliationship already a long time ago(more than 1 year already). However, it still can affect my mood but not more, just a little bit. The 2 unlike months already passed, my happy mood back again. Wa hiak hiak hiak :)

Today is the first day for the muslim fasting. Happy Puasa :) Non of my business. Hahaha~~ But I will try to not to eat and drink in front of them when they are fasting. We must respect to the people who different race with us.

Today is a public holiday for Kedah state. Yahooo~~~ The first day of fasting ma.. heee... I went to Penang again :( Tired. Woke up early again. We went to visit my popo. I miss her so much. 1 month I didn't see her jor.

After visiting popo, we went to take our lucnh then back home. We stay in Penang in a very short time becuase we were in the rush. I meant my dad, he had tuition class at 2pm. So around 12pm we have to back already. Haizzz...

Tomorrow is my mum birthday, she said she wanna eat Secret Recipe cake. Again?? But tomorrow no one is free can go to buy the cake. So mum decide today went to buy. Out again. Dad sure didn't follow us to go to buy. He gave mum money then I follow my mum went to buy. Sis was outing with friends in Sunway Carnival. Syokkk nya.. Then bro said he wanna stay at home. So just my mum and I went to buy the cake.

We went to Jusco to buy it. Before that, I went to buy sushi first. My baobei said she wanna eat wor.. Then I already promised her wanna buy for her, so I must hold my promise. After buying sushi, we went to buy mum's birthday cake. Then back. Flewww... I was so tired. I felt that these 2 days I always went out. I prefer to stay home laaa. Outside weather I really can't tahan, freaking hot!!!!! Except you're in the shopping centre laaa. Before back home, I went to my baobei's home to send her the sushi first. 

Finally, I was home. Home sweet home. Had a nap a while, later went to tuition. Now you know how busy am I. My time was really packed. Pity me V_V Gonna go to take my bath now. See you. :)


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