Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last day of raya holiday

Hey readers :) Sorry for one week I didn't blog. I just came back from KL last night. Tired!!!! Along the journey I didn't sleep. This was because my little cousin sit on my legs, how could I sleep? Plus I was texting non-stop with my baby. Teehee xD

I had a lot of photo wanna share with you all. I wanna share my holiday with you all. I had many things to blog!!!! But I was lazy. Let's sing the Lazy song of Bruno Mars. Today I don't feel like doing anything.... I just wanna lay in my bed.... Hahaha~~~

Okay, back to topic now. Before blog about my holiday, I had to arrange the photo first. So I can't blog about my holiday now. I will blog it later. Stay tune :)

Tomorrow school reopen. Sad case. My holiday so few, I still have many thing not yet done. Tonight have to  midnight oil. Tonight have to finish my school things!!!! Opppsss... I not yet remove my nail polish!!!! I not yet cut my nails!!! Tonight have to done these all thing, sienz laaa.. I'm having flu now... Suffering.. Hmm... Gonna off, wanna go to do my thing jor. See ya. Miss you readers :)


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