Friday, October 28, 2011

Final exam end

Almost one month I didn't update my blog. I was busying with my final exam. After exam, I felt lazy to blog. Huhhh... Alright, this post I wanna share with you about my exam weeks. The exam weeks were so suffer to pass. The first 3 day exam I always cry. I felt so stress. I needed someone to comfort me. I always study till 2.00am. Then early in the morning at around 5am I will wake up to continue my revision.

These are written by me.
I know my handwriting is worst :(

During exam weeks, I gain my weight too. I always use to eat to release my stress. Chocolate~~ Love love love~~~ Muahhhh...

Besides chocolate, I eat ice-cream, drink milk, yogurt when I am doing my revision. haha~~~

And these.. tau fu fa and kuih... haha~~~ Eat ar eat ar... my brain cell need a lot of energy to help me to memorize the facts.. haha xD

I still remember the day before I sit for my biology paper, I sleep at 12.00am wake up at 3.30am to study till 5.30am. So tire that day. And I also wanna thanks someone for waking me up. I tell him that I will wake up at 4am to do revision. Initially, I didn't expect he will wake me up. Who knows he call me at 3.45am. But that time I already wake up. I leave my phone in my bedroom and go to my study room to do revision. After finishing my revision, I saw 16 missed call. Is him... Awwww... Sorry... I miss out his call. Anyways thanks. You let me know that there is still someone care about me. :)

This final exam I didn't expect to score straight As'. Maybe 3 As' ?? Hmmm... But I wish my add maths don't fail again. Ang kong popipopi ~~~~~

Lastly here are the song I listen to during the exam.


I love this song. It motivate me. It push me up!!!!
"加油"this word give me power to fight for the exam.
Thx for the people say these to me during my exam.

Love it too. This song makes my stress release all the time. 
Sometimes I wish that I can back to my childhood. No stress. So good :)
Miss it... haiz...


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