Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mooncake Festival

Late post again.
10 of September.

I think this is the first time I celebrate Mooncake festival. I go to my friend's grandma's house to celebrate it. Her grandma is having a gathering for the mooncake festival. I thought just a small gathering. Who knows? Walao... many of his relatives are coming... I feel so uncomfortable because many of them I don't know. Huh... But I love this kind of gathering. All the relatives come back and gather to celebrate mooncake festival. This can improve the relationship between each other. Seriously, I still don't know about my family tree. Too many, I'm confusing @.@ Blur... Alright, let's see some photos taken on that day.

This photo is blur... @.@

First time I play the lantern. I'm serious, no lie! How pity am I. Sobsob :( I parents never let me play lantern before. The one I play before is the toy type have to switch on the button then got music coming out. When I was small, my grandpa every year will buy 1 for us. After grandpa passed away, I didn't play anymore. 

Da lang... My first lantern. Thanks Min teaches me how to light it up.Nice right?

Min looks like so pro with lantern. Hmmmm....

This nice:) SO cute... head big but body small :) This lantern is my friend's cousin's one.

After hanging the lantern on the trees or plant, we go to eat. Wa~~~ kinda lot of food is prepared. Yummy...Huhu...also have bbq too :) Love :) I love bbq know why? Because can sit there bbq the food and chat with friend. Suddenly my friend ask me: '' Do you feel that less guys here?" The guy he means is like our age 16++ something. Then I look around. Ya, less guy here. Er, I think is totally no one. Then I ask him why ? He says he is the only grandson. =.= All girls. That's why he calls us go there to accompany him. Lolxxx.. Pity to him too. Hahaha xD  

After eat, we go to carry the lantern around the neighbourhood.

Min and I :)

With my friend's cousins. 

Then 10pm we back. Tired. On the ways going home, my mum keep on asking me question. Why your friend will call you go to the gathering? What you eat there? His parents there? Many of his relatives there? =.= Alright, I answer all. Lastly my mom ask me a question, is he like you? His family is rich, not bad d. Wahaahahaha~~~ A silly question. Mom, stop pulling my leg lar... I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E  !!!!  We are just friends. Why my mom like this geh. Something wrong with her @.@


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