Saturday, October 1, 2011

My one week raya holiday- Part 3

Day 3 and day 4 in KL

Today was my little cousin,Ling's birthday. Happy Birthday :) Her birthday was same day with National Day. So lucky right?? Hahaha...And we decided to go to Neway in 1U to celebrate her birthday. Seriously, this was my first time went to ciong k. OMG right? Hahaha~~~  Okay, I wont write much. Just referred the photos then you know what was going on on that day xD

Fristly, we ciong k. See it? All of us are enjoying.. Nice!!!!!Hmmm.. I fall in love with ciong k jor, it really can release you stress!!!! Next time I will go with my buddies :)

This is my aunt. She is super active!! Like :)

My grandma joins us too xDD
Hahaha... Sometimes old people's singing voice is better than the youngsters. 
But for the classic songs.. haha~~

Aha.. this is me. I wont forget take 1 pic of myself geh.. I'm so self-loving. Teehee xD

Alright, is time to sing birthday song for our birthday pretty girl :)

Singing birthday song to the pretty birthday girl....

Kacha... Take a photo as a memento. 

Look at her expression, why like this geh??
Is she too kamdong jor?? Maybe kot..haha...

Cut cake...
Eat lo...Such a nice cake.. and yummy to eat :)

We spend around 4 hours there. Fiu.. feel kinda tired after ciong k. Then we went to buy birthday gift for her. We tried to separate walk cause we didn't want she knew what was her gift. Hmm.. we bought a photo frame and a hairband for her. We gave her the hairband first, then photo frame we needed to give her by the next day cause we not yet printed the photo.

Alright, we continue gaigai in 1U. When passed by the popular, my 2 little cousin wanna get into there. Aggghhh, i hate books leh!!! They wanted me to accompany them. Huh.. could I reject? I couldn't. I felt like I was bringing my kids to the popular. Knew why? Cause I had to look after them. >.< Pity me. Then I told them didn't simply go here go there. You 2 hilang I died. Then I saw a book which was about love.. relationship d.. I forgot the title of the book jor. Then my 2 little cousin told me, like this d book nice meh?? You both still small, later you both older then you both would understand.    

Okay, times up. My aunt was calling us, she wanna go to the woman department there so we had to leave the popular. Finally... Hahhahaha~~ Woman department.. sienz!!!!! Let had a camwhore!!!!!

Saw her face?? Chubby face :) Cute right?

All of us. See the birthday girl, she always don't want cooperate with us.
We smile, she does not smile. >.< So bad. 

I love this! 

Grandma, ling and I.

Both of them are siblings. The white shirt is elder sister.
guess how old is she??? still in primary school??? no no!
She's form1. Very small size right? Malnutrition. Hahaha~~ I learn this word from my biology. XD

The next day...

Out again.. but this time just 3 of us were going out were going out only.. my cousin, Jyane , my bro and I. Our destination was Berjaya Time Square. We took the KTM from Kepong KTM station to KL sentral. Then we had to walk to the monorail station. Hmmm... this was my first experience!!!! No adults with us. I felt like I already can independent. Freedom!!!!Hahahaha~~~ Nice!!! We took monorail from Tun Sambanthan to Imbi. Then we reach Berjaya Time Square. 

Okay, start shopping...hmm.. like the feel shopping without parents or adults. I was freedom!!!! Hoorayy!!!!!! After 18years old, I could get more freedom I want!!! :)  Actually we planned to watch movie but I saw there was many people queuing to buy the movie ticket.. Hmm.. Lazy.. I better choose shooping. Hahaha~~~ Erm... Shopping till hungry jor... We were headache what we wanted to eat. hmm.. Lastly, we chose Subway :)  

This big burger was my breakfast and lunch. I had it at around 3pm.
Hmm.. my stomach was yelling for hungry..

My bro

Me :)

After eating sure needed to drink laaa.. Teehee xD

Around 5.45pm, we were heading to the monorail station prepare to back home. Hmmm.. I preferred monorail than KTM. Knew why?? KTM was very pack inside, I dislike. I became sardine in the KTM!!!!! and in the KTM must be careful with your belongings. Some of them maybe is pick-pocket. 

Alright, finally we reached the Kepong Sentral. My aunt was waiting us there. When we were giving the tickets to the works, suddenly a guy come towards us and asked us the way go to Kepong Jusco. Hmmm.. the guy kinda pretty handsome.. love :) But I had no chance to talk with him.. sad :( Because I was not staying in KL, how should I knew the way go to Kepong Jusco leh? So I couldn't answer him. My cousin answer him lur. Huhyo.. wasted! =.= Yerrr.. I wanna talked with him laaa... I was crazy again.. lolzzzz....  

The next post is about my last day in KL... stay tuned :) 


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