Monday, October 3, 2011

My one week raya holiday- Part 4

This was the last post for my raya holiday.

Day 5, I was leaving and going back to Kulim. I was sure after back to Kulim I would miss my holiday life in KL a lot. I had lots of fun there. :)  

Before leaving, camwhore with Jyane.

During the raya holiday, I didn't study at all. Wahahahaha.. love the life without books. When I was at my home, everyday I have to sit in the mountain of the books. This is because of my parents. If I didn't sit in my study room and study, they sure will grumble me. How pity am I. No point, only thing i can do just do what they want. But I already biasa with this kind of life. 

Back to my topic, we started our journey at 4pm and we reached Kulim at around 9pm. In the call, I didn't sleep at all. After I reached home, I felt sleepy le. But my stomach was calling.. it needed food. Sure I took my dinner first then went to bath and I planned to sleep early. But my aunt and my cousin were overnight in my home, they would slept with me. I couldn't sleep early jor. Didn't know why... Hmmm.. then I chit-chat with David. He ar... chatted till half then tertidur. =.= Pig!!! The I end our conversation and went to watch tv with jyane. We watch till 4.00am. Because wanted to accompany her la, if not I would go to sleep jor geh.

Anyways, holiday already finished. It was the time return to my daily life again. 


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