Sunday, October 30, 2011

Outing day :)

28 October 2011

My aunt is back from KL. Oh yeah! Can go out with my aunt and cousin. Damn happy:) I love to go out with them.But I just spend 3 or 4 hours with them. Such a short time :( Sad. Oh ya, I forgot tell that where we go to. Hehe.We go to Jusco, Seberang Prai. 

Shopping. My love. But I plan for window shopping only. My money is in limit. Sad case, can see but can't buy. Alright, when my aunt is buying her clothes I and my cousin go to see our thing. My cousin says she wanna buy a present for my aunt. Hmmm... Then we walk around and look for it. Lastly, we get it! A cup. Kinda nice. Wish my aunt like it. 

Then we go to Kenny Rogers to have our lunch. Before the food is served, my cousin give the present to my aunt. The moment kinda warm. I like :) But I'm sure I will not do this to my mom. Hahaha~~ Let us see some photos

my spaghetti 

my drinks 

By 3pm I got to go. My dad come to fetch me. Haizz... Back to home, bored :( But nevermind la, at least I got chance to go out although the time is short. 

outfit on that day. simple :)



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