Sunday, October 30, 2011


Today I am going out with Min and Hui. Queensbay Mall. We go there by 3.30pm. Our aim is go for roller not for shopping. Roller there kinda many people, don't like! I don't know how to play roller, I am afraid of  fall down and people bang me. But luckily Min is there holding my hand. Thanks :) I think we spend 2 hours there. My legs kinda tired with the roller shoes. 

Then we go to take our dinner. Station one cafe. 

it taste okay laa..

my drinks. I like this. Niceee :)

Alright, stomach full jor, is time to shopping. Oh yea!!!!!! But Min is not follow us, she go to watch this...

Halloween Costume Competition..
Hui and I are not interested at all. So she and I go to shopping.

After the competition is end, Min come to join us. Kia kia kia~~ Seriously my legs already want patah le. Damn tired. By 10pm we are back. Hoho~~~ Finally, back home have to have enough rest for my legs.

Me, Min and Hui



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