Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Holiday

How times flies~~~ wee wang wang wee wang wang~~~ Is holiday now!!!! Hooray!!!! No need wake up early, no need listen to the boring lesson, no need to follow the school rule, I can do anything by my way and etc. So nice!!!! :)

Something I wanna say, sorry here, I'm not gonna miss my classmates. I'm not gonna miss my school life with you all. Yes, I dislike you all. Next year still same class with you all, haiz... such a suffer thing for me. Sad :(

Hmmm... SPM candidates, gambahteh in you exam ya. Fight for it!!!!!! Suffer first, later you can enjoy your day because you can get out of the school le. Hahaha!!! You're gonna be freedom :) I still have to wait for 1 year. :( But I believe 1 year is going to reach faster. Hahaha!!!  Take care guys.

Happy Holiday  to my friends.

Gambahteh for the SPM candidates.   


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