Thursday, November 24, 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon

I always watch the marathon in television, but myself never involve it. This year I made up my mind, I wanna experience it!! Yes, I take part in marathon this year. Penang Bridge International Marathon. I take 10KM run(JUNIOR) Huhuhu~~~~ Excited!!!!!!!

It starts at 1.15a.m. So we have to reach there one day before. The penang bridge will be close from 1am till 10am. It means that I have to over night there. Goshhh!!!! Near there have a hotel. But sure we didn't over night there la. Waste money! We decided overnight in car :) Thanks for my daddy and mummy accompany. They accompany and wait me from night till the next day morning :) 

My run starts at 6.15a.m. and we reach there at around 9pm something. So we go to the QB mall kiakia. After that xien and I go to change cloth. Around 12am like this, we go to car to have a nap. I know my parents are tired. I can hear their snoring sound. I think xien also tire too. All of them sleep, leave me not yet sleep. Seriously I very geng jiong la!!!! Can't sleep and my sleeping time is at 3am something. 12am for me is early.

They sleep then I play my phone game lur. What to do ar?? Have to wait the time pass leh. Then I think is 3am xien awake. My parents too. Then Xien and I go to find Von. My parents stay in car there. Xien and I walk here walk there. Syok!!! I love the midnight feel walk along there. Then we go to the mobile cause I want to shhhshhh. Hahax xD The mobile toilet kinda cute. Like the toy. hahaha~~ Opppsss.. I didn't take the photo, sorry can't show you all the mobile toilet.

Around 5am, we go to the Easting hotel wait for our run. It is still early. While waiting our turn to run, do warming up first. :) The moment i feel very sleepy @.@ Goashh!!! I faster go wash my face!!! Don't play play, later I run till sleep lo. Hahahaha xD

The time is nearly want 6.15am. My heart beat pi po pi po. It pumps very fast leh. I try to relax my mind just run it. Sure when running I will not wait for my friends la. We run by ourselves de way. Seriously I'm scare to fall down. It is thousand people there, i takut i kena langgar then fall down then step by other. Wa... i run beside is better. Middle, wait kena pijak. Hahahahah xD

And also the road kinda dark. I can't see clearly, I just follow and run. When i reach the penang bridge, awww... the view just looking fucking nice!!! I love the view!!! But I don't want out of the time so i didn't stop by and take pic :( Waste lur... :(

Hmmm.. and when I'm just leave 1.5KM to go, my dad call me and ask me where am I? huh.. I'm still running laaa. >.< Then I faster increase my speed, i nearly want to reach the finish point jor. But my leg really cannot tahan. My legs are tired. But I never stop down. And finally I reach the finish point. As I reach there, I can't believe that I've done it! Hooray!!!! But I know I'm out of time. Nevermind, I just wanna have a experience only. And I also deserve a medal :)

Here are some photo to share with you all. Some i search in net and some is took by myself :) 

This is me. Teehee xD
Take 1.

Take 2.

This is mine :)

This map is for 10KM run.

Can see the paper cups on the road. I don't know how they want to clean it =.=''

My shoes.

 My medal :) Hehe ~

End :)



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