Monday, November 28, 2011

Shopping day

My outfit for that day :)

Hooray!!!! Shopping is my love. I buy, dad pays. Thanks dad. Teehee xD I spend more time in Padini! There have sale. 50%~ 70%~ discount. I'm going to be crazy!!!! I take the clothes without looking the price. Feel so good! Hahaha xD But one thing I hate is the fitting rooms are full. Have to queue up. Huh @.@ So I sekaligus take many clothes and go to the fitting room and test it. Blekxxx~~  Not only the fitting room have to wait for it. pay money also have to wait. Four counters also not enough laaa. Add more counter ma. xD 

After spend 6 hours in the shopping mall, we go to take our lunch. Then, we go to visit our aunt. Bla bla bla. Next place go to my uncle's house. I miss my cousin very much la. Hehe.. Long time no meet jor. I think the last time we meet is during CNY. Wa~~~ kinda long rite?   

11pm something, we go back home. Damn tired. But in car I didn't sleep tiok. Can't sleep, wanna hug hug my doggie only can sleep. Teehee xD


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