Saturday, December 24, 2011

1st Avenue with Xien

Yesterday evening I was sleeping soundly. Hmm.. really nice. Suddenly.. my phone rang~~~ Xien wanna date me out. Firstly, I really lazy to go. Secondly is she told me if I wanna go I must faster go to prepare right now, her parents will come to fetch me at 6pm. WTH!!! So rush!!!!! Then I think a while, aiya.. also at home so bored. Why not go out to kiakia? Okay, after ask permission from my parents, I hurried go to take a quick bath and then dress up. I break my record! I used 15 minute to done it. xD 

Alright, we reach 1st Avenue at 7pm. Then we start our shopping. Hehehehehe.. Sale sale sale!!!! I gila again. But my parents were not here, ATM was not here. I couldn't buy too much. By the way, I still will buy. Hahaha... Oh yeah!!! I found my shoes that I wanted in Opera! Last time I went to the other shopping mall bought the shoes, but didn't kave my size, sold out. Then in 1st Avenue, I found it, got my size also. I didn't care anymore, I must buy it. Happpppyyyyyy :)   

Actually I planned to go to watch movie geh, I wanna watch Chipmunks3, but I scared not enough time to go to search gift for WEI. Then we didn't go to watch lo. Abit regret nia. >.<  Hmmmm... walk here walk there. Feel like wanna eat something. Then we decided go to Oldtown to makan and chit-chat. 

This was our meal. We shared it. :)

After eating we continued shopping. We shop till the shop close. Hahahaha~~~ Xien's parents went to attend their friend's wedding dinner. So we have to wait them come to fetch us. At around 10pm her parents still not yet finish their dinner. The shop closed jor, Xien and I went to the top there to play tingting. Change token jor, then her mom call her said they will reach our place soon. Aiyo.. then we didn't play tiok. We kept the token, next time got chance come to play again.

Here was some photos Xien and I....

me :)

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Merry Christmas.


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