Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas

This year Christmas what am i doing? Hmmm... Shopping!!! My cousin, my bro and I went to BTS shopping together. Well, that was some secrets behind us. So I could not tell. My part could tell.

Yea! This Christmas I met David! Very long time we didn't see each other. Hmm.. the last time I met him was 2 years ago. Haha. Anyway, thanked for being my driver and also your gifts. :D

Hmm.. I have nothing else to write about my Christmas. I spent the day to shopping only. I wish you all Merry Christmas. :D

Here were some photos, let's took a look!  

My bro!

I feel like the pose so weird. @.@

Damn love my smile. :D

Do we look like couple?
Wahahaha.. I'm sure many people will say yes.
But we are not! Hahaha~

I love this one the most!

Awww... I really fall in love with my smile!
<3 p="p">

Act pity look! Hahaha XD

My lunch! Subway!

The End!
That's my Christmas day.


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