Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry X'mas

I please my cousin bought STICKY for me from KL. Thanks Jyane. :)
I didn't not exchanged any christmas gift with my friend this year. 
So I bought a Sticky for myself as my christmas gift. 
Hehehe.. I always love myself. :) 

During Christmas Eve I didn't went to any where to countdown. Crowded. >.<
I stay at home watched HK drama with my family. :)
I pass my Christmas Eve peacefully. Hahaha xD

 Then Christmas I went to Perangian Mall for shopping.
I didn't bought much, most of all I was just window shopping. 
I was poor. I was waiting for CNY and get the angpao!!!! Teehee xD

Lastly, I wish my friends and family Merry Christmas. 
May Christmas brings lot of love and joy to you.


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