Friday, December 2, 2011

Say 'Hi' to December :)

Say 'HI' to December :)

My stupid face!!!!! Wahahahahahaha xDD

My holiday just left 1 month :( How time flies... So fast ~~~~~ Faster than rocket!!!!! Geram!!!!! Cannot like this laarrrrr >.< I want more holiday :) Teeeheee xD Study didn't see me gam lek, want more holiday ngo ji lek! Hahahaha xD

This year holiday very boring lehhh. Unlike last year, my schedule was full with trips. Bandung trip and KL trip. This year any trip pun bo. Sienzzz!!!!! Alright, December jor. Any plan for Christmas? I don't know. Shopping? Hmmm.. maybe kut.. Christmas eve leh? BBQ at the seaside and countdown there? So romantic lehhh. Heee.. xD  Wait! When I get my freedom I will do that! Hahahaha xD 

Hmm.. quite a time I didn't go for movie le. I wanna go with my buddies! Kia buddies, when want to go watch movie? Hehe. Erm... 17 Dec I have a farewell party, should I go? Abit bit lazy leh. Still thinking wanna go or not... @.@  

I miss.... ahem... I miss you! Don't think another side haa. I miss my doggie. Doggie..  you have left me 5 months. How are you? Got any people bully you there? Sure no rite? Cause you're in the heaven. Heaven only deserve for kind people. :) 

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