Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY 2012

I'm home. Tiring day during CNY. The weather is going to kill me. Hot sei ngo laaaaa!!!!! During CNY, I went to my uncle's house, so unlucky my uncle's house air-conditional rosak. Walao... sweat ar!!!!

Ahem ahem.. back to topic :) How much angpau money you guys get? Hehehe.. Sure many d! This year my angpau money less than last year arrr. I'm not satisfy! Yeeee.. geram geram>.< I wanna punch someone! xD

Don't know why, as I grow up, I don't like CNY! Honestly! I just want the angpau. Teehee. xD CNY really bored! I'm not really enjoy it. Gamble? Ohh... I dislike! Feeling like wasting the money! I pass my CNY with my sis lappy. Online~~~ Bored right? Huhh...

I wish next time my CNY will be more fun! Wait I get my driving license I can drive and go any place I want. I don't to stay at home during CNY!  


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