Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paddy field

Yesterday Ph'ng and I went to Min's house. We planned to take our friendship photos. Then we went to the paddy field to take the photo. We walked to the paddy field from Min's house. We took around 20 minutes to reach there. Luckily the weather was just nice for us to take photo there! Nice! Let's see the photos! I just grab the nice photo that we shoot and share them in my blog.

Paddy plants!!!!

Just simply take. Not yet ready geh @.@

I like this! NICE!
This take by Ph'ng. Nice shoot.

Don't know why, we look weird.
Hahaha xD

I don't know want to do what post. Simply do a post. Hahaha~~

A bit.. my expression like very kaku :(

The day dark jor???

Rubber trees!!!!

Lastly, I love this photo the most because this photo taken by me. 
Wakakakakakaka~~~ Nice right???

Around 6pm we went back to Min's home uploaded the photo and chi-chat in the room. I really enjoyed on that day. Very long time 3 of us didn't gather like this le. I liked the feel! At night we put the lantern up to the sky. This was my first time I did this, we wrote out wishes on the lantern and then lighted it up and it flew up to the sky. So nice. :)

Friends always the best. I love to spend time with them. Love you guys. 



  1. Hi..i got always see your blog,but you seen long time didn't have any update ady..are you okay??see you post about your family and school life and your about your relationship??

    1. cause i'm busy with my study.
      why you so concern about my relationship?
      all just depends on the fate. :)


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