Friday, March 9, 2012

07032012 Happy Birthday To Myself :)

Happy Birthday to myself ! :) 

Finally I'm 17! Wahahaha. Big girl already.
Thanks for those who wishes me Happy Birthday.

I pass my birthday just like a normal day.
I no hang out with friends because we have exam.
Everyone want to do revision, fight for the exam, no time to accompany me.
Haha.. I already biasa le. 
Since I was 13, I pass my birthday every year alone.

On my birthday that evening, I curl up like a baby on the bed and cry.

Ya, i mind my family do not celebrate my birthday with me!
I think no one remember my birthday! My heart get hurt!
But I just act like I don't care la no one remember my birthday.
As long as myself remember my birthday. :) 

I think they don't know I'm good in acting, I always hide my feeling from my family. They never understand me! They only care for my sister. Whateva la... Maybe this is a good thing for me that they less care about me. So I have an excuse said: "You all don't care about me, then I find a boyfriend care about me la!" Such a good idea ! I'm a genius! xD

I thought this year I won't have a birthday cake and no one celebrate with me.When the moment I feel disappointed, i get a text from my friend.He brings me out and buy a cake for me. Touch!
Some more outside is raining heavily,  I say I don't wanna get down from the car la.
I don't want to get wet. He then calls me wait for him in the car, he go to buy a cake for me.

After that we celebrate in the car. Wow... I never try this before.
He is the one who sings birthday song for me on my 17th birthday. 
I gonna cry le la, but  I hide my tears. My heart get touched.
How nice I have such a good friend!    
Thanks a lot friend!!!! :)

For Ah Ying:
Thanks for your wishes ya. I have read your blog. 
Muackzzz. ♥♥♥

For Xien: 
Hahaha.. you're the best laa.. Say many times "Happy Birthday" to me. 
TQ. ♥♥♥

For Pei Ni:
Early in the morning I receive your birthday wishes message. Hahaha.
TQ. ♥♥♥

For Wei and Von:
Thanks for you both wish.
Even just a simple wish you both post in my wall.
TQ. ♥♥♥

For my classmates and network friends:
Thanks for your all wishes! Appreciate.
Wish you all have a nice day. :)

Hmmm.. I already plan how to pass my birthday for next year when i'm 18. 
I won't pass my birthday at home le.I wanna hang out all day long! I prefer hang out alone. More freedom. 
And I dislike crowd. I love silence.

Lastly, I wish myself HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!!!! :)



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  3. erm. every parents will care for their children, trust me, maybe they just change a way to celebrate with u? why dun you mention is ur bday n bring them go out? sometimes is need you to activate them although is ur bday. haha, ok?
    cheers, smile! n happy birthday!

    1. Thx edmund! :)
      Hmm.. they care for me? I don't think so! They even wish me happy birthday also! But my brother b'day, they remember la. Wish him happy b'day. I'm jealous. Why I have to tell them is my b'day today? If they care for me, sure they will remember when is my b'day. Blablabla... whateva la.. I don't care about it..
      Anyway, thx for your comment :)

  4. Hi,I got follow your blog,my name is yu zai..=) Happy Birthday to you..your family no celebrate your birthday with you but i see your post seen like you gt a bf u call him big baby,he no celebrate with you?Anyway have a gd day and happy birthday

    1. Thanks for your wish :)
      The big baby is busy, no time to celebrate with me.
      And I wish you have a nice day too :)

    2. He is your bf,he sure will celebrate with come will busy,haizz..this type of bf no use ady. Is it he forgot ur birthday?

    3. haha.. we're just friends only. :)
      i think you misunderstood jor... :)

  5. You and him is stay at same place??


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