Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Popo and Bro

Birthday post again. Hahaha. My popo, bro and I, our birthday are in the same month. Some more the date is just near only. I'm 7th of March. My bro is 10th of March. My popo is 12th of March. So yesterday we decided to go to Penang celebrate our birthday. Actually my birthday already passed, I just tumpang to celebrate only.

Alright, we went to Penang and had our dinner with my popo. Then, we went to 1st Avenue gaigai. We separated walk with parents. So, my siblings and I walked with popo. I always hold her hand when we're walking. I was afraid that she fall down or sesat. As a grandchild we must take care our grandparents right? So, I'm a good example. Lolxx.. perasan again!!!! xD 

Hmm.. actually I planned to buy a birthday gift for myself geh. I wanna buy a purse. My purse already old le, I needed to get a new one! I aimed tiok the purse that I like! I saw it at the Betty Boop shop. Awww... it was so pretty nice!!! Sweet!!!! I like it!!! But I didn't bought it. RM99!!!! The price was killing me!!! I wish someone can bought for me lo. Then, I can save my money. Hehehe. 

Next, we went into a cosmetic shop, Googoo. Its name kinda cute. Hehehe. The sales girl there is pretty too. My sis and I were busy choosing the nail polish. Hahaha. We neglect my bro and my popo. Pity them. We chose and chose and chose. Finally, we only bought 2 bottle of the nail polish. Hehe. Oh yea!!! I can apply new colour for my nails le!

I scared my popo tired, so I brought her to a place to sit there and to have some drinks. Chatime!!! My love. But she said she already full didn't want to drink. Okay lur :( She didn't want to drink jek, not mean that we couldn't drink ma. Hehehe! I went to order the drinks then my sis and my popo went to take their seat.

Cang cang cang!!!! The drinks were here!!! Minum minum!!!! 

We spent our time there. Chit-chat with my popo. I love to chatted with my popo. She was so cute. I liked this feeling! Nice! Sure we won't forget to camwhore. This was a must for us.  

Me, popo, bro
B'day girl, b'day old lady, b'day boy :)
( Plz ignore the back! )

Me, popo, sis

This is my lovely popo. She's 74 years old le. But she still looked healthy and pretty.
I'm here wishing my popo HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Wish her always healthy and happy. I love you popo.

B'day boy, my bro.
Er jie wish you all the best for your PMR exam and stay happy ya. :)

My lovely popo and I.
This pic got a bit cacat>.<

Da lang~ No need say this prettie is me la xD
Teehee :)

Say cheese to the camera :)

Before home, take a pic:)

I really spent a nice time with them. Especially with my popo. I'm missing you now. Hehehe. And thanks for your angpau ya popo. I promise I will study hard d. Popo, you must take care yourself so that you have long lifespan watch me graduate in university. (:



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