Monday, March 12, 2012

Something That I Already Know

I always hide my feeling. I feel hard. I thought I can handle it by myself  but I can't do it actually. I'm getting weaker and weaker. But lastly I know the truth behind the lies. Big or small, lies are lies! So what for I angry?
Come on. I always use to it. Lies? Nothing for me.

Hmm.. I doubt for a long time le and lastly I can't stand for it le. Doubt? I better go and ask to know what actually is happening. I thought I will cry like hell if the truth is like what I doubt. God do not bless me. What I doubt is the truth. But why I don't feel like wanna cry? Instead, I feel that I'm like free from something. No more worries. :)

Thanks for letting me know the truth and I'm sorry. :)
I will try my best delete all the memories. Since I still not yet deep into it.

Something That I Already Know- Backstreet Boys

Love the chorus. Nice!!!!!

I don't wanna wait another minute
Put me out of my misery 
I can read you mind baby you're not in it
And we're not what we used to be
No you wouldn't have to lie to me
If you would only let me go
And I don't wanna wait for another minute to hear


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