Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Just a simple date with my jimui. 

Ying and Von.
Both of them very cute right?

Because of Ying's could not late back to home, so she watched the movie earlier with Von. Then after they went into the cinema, left me alone there. Because I had to wait for my other friends to watch with me. I promised them already, so i must kept my words. Then, I went to buy the tickets for my other friends, 7 person movie tickets cots RM91! Walao.. lucky part before that my friends paid me money first, if not mine myself could not paid for it. I just had RM50 with me only. 

I was doing nothing there. Alone.. walked around and around... Hmmm.. Luckily Xien came earlier accompany me. She reached here at around 2.30pm and our movie was 4.40pm. we still have to wait for a long time. We then went to McD to have some ice-cream. Chit-chat chit-chat... Like this time flew very fast... For sure we wont forget to take some photos :)

Wanna have some Oreo McFlurry?

Xien my BFF :)

Simple smile will do. 

Ate finish le. Yummy.. Ice- cream were nice for us, it released our thirst. The outside weather is hot till gonna burn our skin! XD 

Before leaving the McD, we went to toilet to take some photos.

U see the mirror was so dirty, the workers didn't do their duty!
Lazy bump!
Well, just ignore the dirty mirror.


After that we went to meet our friends. Then, we accompany him to the watch shop. He wanna do something there. We waited for him there. Tik tok tik tok... Finally Min reached already. Alright, we then went to the cinema. 

' Snow White and The Huntsman '

I love her eyes so much... So captivating..

The huntsman :)


Such a nice movie. For those who not yet watched it, you all should watch it. 

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