Monday, June 4, 2012

Sing K + Movie

Last Saturday, it was a happy day for me :) Hanging out with my pretty cousin and my handsome brother. 3 of us have a "great voice" to sing, so we decided to gonna break the wall of the REDBOX! XD  We spent 5 hours there! It was great! I never felt tired! Keep on sing and sing and sing!  Lets see some photos took by that there. 

See the lyrics on the screen, you all know what song is this?
I bet most of you all knew it right? 
But for sure I was not goin to sing this. XD
Not my style... XD 

Outfit on that day.
Simple and pretty :)

This pretty and adorable young girl is my cousin!
I like her so much!!!!

Cool posture!
Hahahaha.. This is my bro :)

We were standing on the sofa! 

I like my cousin's posture so much!
So cool and sexy!
She should said: Sexy's my name! XD

My bro and I :)
We same face anot?

2 pretty girls! Hahaha xD

I sing till high! Lol xD

My bro and I 合唱

OMG!!! My I will show this posture geh? @.@

I was singing 我超喜欢你!That was why I was pointing at YOU :) 

After finish sing k, we rushed for our 7pm movie. Man In Black! Nice movie! I like it!


May I know where to get this?
It seems like very cool!

The alien...


This one geli lo the lady's tongue..

I wanna try it!
What's the feeling will I feel if i stand on top of it?

This bike is just so cool!
I wanna it one! Teehee xD

Before end this post, I wanna share something with you. Lalalalala xD
Those thing i bought on that day:)

My new purse! Nice anot? 
Blue colour very sharp right?

And this my new shoes!(Like a school shoes, everyone say that xD)
Weee... As lobg as I ike it! Simple but nice!

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