Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Raya holiday!

I'm so busy with my raya holiday! Teeheee XD
Almost everyday hang out. XD
Yea! I have to spend more time with my lovely sis.
Cause she will leave here and flies to India soon :(
I gonna miss here super very much!!!!!

In the other hand, I have to spend time to do revision for my trial.
I feel like I'm a robot. After home, no rest then study. No time to rest ar..
Pity me >M<

Suddenly I miss my last year raya holiday!!!!
I still remember that time I went to Hatyai and KL.
Wow!!!! That was nice!!!
I love travelling. Go here, go there.
Seriously I miss it badly!

Hmmm... Anyway, never mind. After SPM I can go anywhere I want!

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