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2 days 1 night trip in Malacca and KL(Part 1)

I'm late updating my blog again :(
Hmmm.. Because I have to wait for my friends send me those photos.
After that I have to rearrange again, so it takes some times. 

Date: 14 September 2012(Day 1)
Vanue: Malacca

Actually the night before the day went to the trip I didn't sleep well.
I was too excited! Teeheeee XD
Finally my alarm rang, I faster went to shower then dress up.
Then woke my dad up to fetch me went to school.
Hohoho.. they were earlier than me!!!!!!
Luckily my friend had reserved seats for us (Xien and I). Weeee...
Both of us were late... wakakakaka XD

Sharp 7.20am( around that) , we started our journey!
Weeee.... holiday and happy mood officially on on on!!!!!!!!!!
Yea! We were heading to Malacca!!!!!!

Everyone seemed tiring, all slept. There was so quiet in the bus.
First I chatted a while with Xien, then she slept.
I couldn't slept. I put my earphone on and listening to some songs.
By 8.30am. We took our breakfast at R&R. 
Hmm... we ordered 2 bungkus of nasi lemak and 3 of us, Ying, Xien and I shared shared eat.
At 9am, we continue our journey again. 

I was so boring in the bus, I didn't know why they could easily fell asleep. Why I couldn't?
It wasn't big matter for me. I could play with the cam! I meant taking photos. My love :)

Say Cheeseeeeee to the cam! XD
Wow, pretty smile, it looked so nature. 
I loved my smile so much.

By 1.30pm we reached Malacca.
But.... that time the sunlight was so bright! 
It would go to burn my skin!
Nevermind, some of them got brought sunblock! 
Pinjam from them. XD

After applying the sunblock, the first thing we did was hunting for food!
We were so hungry >.<
Kia kia kia...
Lastly we decided to have Chicken rice for our lunch.
The restaurant was so pretty nice.
I loved it decorating... got the feel like last time dynasty the king and the queen..

See.. I was the king! I sat on the king's chair!

Xien :)

Wow... sexy girl!
Ying :)

This was the carriage.
Ying and I.

Xien and I :)

We are the cam lover. Anywhere , anytime we also can take photos.
But we were hungry, so we went to full our stomach first.

Naaaaaa!!!! This was our lunch.
When the waitress was taking the order, she asked how much chicken do you girls want? Half?
What, half? Luckily we didn't listen to her, if not we sure couldn't finish. We ordered 1/4 of the chicken only.
Ngam ngam hou finish! Yea!
I loved the rice ball, felt like eating the fishball.

Next gaigai time, we just had 1 and half hour to walk around.
There were many things attracted my sight!
I wanted to buy but I had limited vitamin M. 
Hmmmm... Sad :(

5 of us.
Pretty girls.

We didn't take much photo in the heritage places.
Hmm... because of we had limited time...
I was sure next time I would come again..
I wanted to take many many photos.

Get back to the bus and sat under the aircon like a boss!
The weather really terrible.

Yum yum.. eating non-stop..
This... I forgot what was this called...
But it really nice! Loved it.

Miss Yap. XD

By 4.30pm, we went to buy some 土产at Tan Kim Hock.
I was no idea what I wanted to buy.
Hmm... chincai bought some back home for my family. Hee... 

Alright, next station we were heading to Afamosa resort.
It took quite a long time to reach there.
On the half  way, we stopped by to take our dinner.

By 7.40pm we reached the resort.
Sir give us some time to put our luggage first.
We stayed in a condo.
In a condo had 3 rooms, 1 room 4 people.
So meant that there were 12 people in a condo.
Got it? XD

Later 8.30pm we had the Red Indian show and the carnival at the cowboy town.
So after took our luggage up to our condo, we got down waited for sir at the lobby.

Jia, Wei, Ying, Me and Xien.
While waiting in the lobby.

Hmm... my condo mates. XD

Alright, lets saw some photo of the show in the cowboy town.
Maybe some of them were a bit blur.
We were not professional photographer. 

The man who was showing peace was my sir! :)

Lastly the show ended with firework :)
Damn nice, i loved that.

After the show we went to the theme park.
Took some photos and played some games.

Yea! 3 pretties with the cowboy!

Oh no! Crazy bull!!!!!!
Was she crazy? 
Hahaha.. I knew she ride on the bull like a boss!
Enjoying XD

Here were some photos we took in cowboy town.

To be continue.......

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