Sunday, September 23, 2012

2 days 1 night trip in Malacca and KL(Part 2)

Date: 15 September 2012 (Day2)
Vanue: KL

The next day, we were leaving the Afamosa resort and heading to KL HELP University.

Both of us were the earliest showered.
I didn't like to queue up for waiting the bathroom.
While waiting for others, we spent our time to capture photos.

Our legs.
Guess which one is mine XD

Morning scene looked down from our balcony!

Chik chak! 
Photo shooting XD

If we had a professional photographer at that time, how good :(

I was blur in da photo>.<

It was time to pack our belongings. Gonna leave soon.

Me in da mirror! XD

Actually I wanted to take the photo from her back.
But it seemed like I was failed. I needed to learn some photo shooting skills and a better camera ><

Before leaving, last photo I captured in the condo XD

By8.30am. , we were heading to HELP University in KL.
I thought the journey took around 2 hours.
Again we slept in the bus, I was damn tired! Exhausted!

By 11am something we reached there.
We spent about 3 hours there.
Hmm... Actually this was not my ideal uni.
Sorry HELP, you were not the cup of my tea.

I was behind some where that was why you could not see me.

Next station is One Utama shopping mall.
Yea, we went to sing K!
I loved sing K , it really helped me a lot.
Actually that day my mood was not good.
Singing can make me feel better. (:

Actually I like KL, there was familiar for me.
Because they used to speak Cantonese.

By 6.30pm we started our journey back to Kulim.
Hohoho.. You know what? We watched horror movie in the bus!
Hmmm... I liked many people watched together the horror movie but I still scared.
Now I still remember the ghost face, night sleep alone also scare scare>.<

This 2 days 1 night trip I really enjoyed it.
Alright, it's time for me to work hard fight for my SPM now.

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