Friday, December 7, 2012

Dating with primary school friends


I was sleeping like a pig then I received a message from Fellycia. She said : 'Let's hang out!' Hang out? I excited and awake! Was dicussing... Because we needed a driver! Hohoho~~~ Then I jio Min XD She had license already:D Then jio mai few more friends. For sure I have to jio the friends Fellycia knew d. 3pm Min came to fetch me first.   

That day outfit.
I loved long jeans with high heel.
Sexy lady XD

Min one by one went to our house fetch us. She was our Ah Mat. Hahaha~~ Anyways, thank you so muchhhh!!!!! Our dating place is Sunway Carnival Mall! Woohooo~~~ We were talking non-stop in the car. I loved that feeling so much! We all knew each other since primary school. That time all of us were just a kid. Now all transformed into pretties girl already.

Our Starbucks!

Was it so nice?

Start from left hand side with blue colour cardigan is Hui, Min, Me and Fellycia.

Awww.... 5 pretties! 

We spent only 4 hours in the mall. We just shopping bought clothes, nothing else. Hmm.. then it was 6.30pm, it was still early for us. We did not want to go back home yet. Then we decided to go to Hui's house karaokae! Before that we went to McD drive through bought our dinner first! Then we ate in Hui's home!

Eating, singing, taking photo, chatting... Wow! We were really enjoy it! 
Again 5 pretties!

This is Fellycia!
Hmmm.. She went to asrama school since she was Form4, so we less had chance to meet but we still got kept in touch. Oh ya! And also she get the Nasional Service. We both get the same place! Thank God! I got teman already. Wakakaka XD

I thought another 2 were busy singing? Hmm.. of busy eating?? XD

Yea! She is pretty!!!!! Jealous >.<

I haven't ready my pose la... Lol!!!!! 

It was such a wonderful day for me! 

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